The SISTEMA PROMECH® is a high aesthetic value corrosion protection for steel products, commonly known as iron, and metal structural work. The SISTEMA PROMECH® is particularly suitable for metal products in need of treatments which are able to preserve mechanical tolerances, threads, bores and avoid dimensional deformations.


No dimensional changes
The tolerances are complied with on all the mechanical dimensions of the parts. The threads are not affected and can be used without post-treatment processing

No deformation
Deformation by heating is avoided completely when processing takes place at temperatures of under 200°C..

Increased protection life expectancy
The protection of iron elements is an aspect that should not be underestimated: a properly designed and built element, has a longer life expectancy than an element that has not undergone an anti-corrosive process suitable for its use.

A dedicated version for every environment
Thanks to the different versions of the SISTEMA PROMECH®, it is possible to fine-tune the best protective solution according to the environmental conditions in which the element is required to operate.

Solvent and VOC-free
The powder coating process, solvent-free, allows you to achieve a homogeneous thickness of film over the entire element.

Architectural Paints
The paints used are designed to withstand atmospheric agents and UV rays, the main cause of fading colours.

Sole interlocutor
The SISTEMA PROMECH® is a single integrated cycle: galvanising and painting are the work of an expert in both technologies. Forget the discussions on the allocation of responsibilities.

Guaranteed paint adherence
The secret of the paint adhesion lies in the pre-treatment. In the SISTEMA PROMECH® system installations pre-treatments are constantly monitored and performed automatically. Something that can not easily take place in manual mode and on worksites.


The SISTEMA PROMECH® is particularly suitable for metal products in need of treatments which are able to preserve mechanical tolerances, threads, bores and avoid dimensional deformations.
Unprotected steel degrades rapidly showing the formation of corrosion and/or rust. The SISTEMA PROMECH® allows maximum freedom of design ensuring corrosion protection combined with a high level aesthetic finish.
The SISTEMA PROMECH® allows you to:
  • Protect steel against rust
  • Safeguard the aesthetic and dimensional appearance of objects
  • Safeguard threads and tolerances of a mechanical nature
  • Achieve maximum aesthetic performance

The SISTEMA PROMECH® can be performed on all manufactured products made of carbon steel, commonly called "iron".
It is particularly suitable for protecting elements that have holes, threads, borings and the mechanical dimensions of the tolerances to be complied with. The SISTEMA PROMECH® is an anti-corrosive protection system that can be used in all environments: the standard version can be used in natural, urban and industrial areas.
Special versions are designed for use in marine and off-shore environments or for heavy industrial uses.
The SISTEMA PROMECH® is used to treat sheet metal products and machinery parts.
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It is based on the perfect combination of ELECTRO-GALVANISING and POWDER COATING by means of an intermediate nano-ceramic layer in order to obtain a film with high anti-corrosion performance and exceptional aesthetic qualities.


The SISTEMA PROMECH® comes with a user and maintenance manual, an interesting guide on how to enjoy and prolong the anti-corrosive performance of the treatment.
You can download the manual and other technical documentation in the download section.
Declaration of Conformity according to the UNI EN 10204 standard for every lot.


The SISTEMA PROMECH® is an anti-corrosion protection and aesthetic finish cycle which exploits electroplating of zinc coatings and powder coating technologies.
Nord Zinc has coined the SISTEMA PROMECH® brand name to identify the technological achievement of scientific research supported by chemical and paint multinationals:

  • Electroplating of zinc coatings specifically designed to be painted.
  • The nano-ceramic chemical treatment before painting is designed to couple perfectly with the electroplating treatment.
  • The paints used are specially reformulated to be applied to galvanised supports.




The SISTEMA PROMECH® allows you to achieve excellent life expectancy.
It is necessary to distinguish corrosion performance from aesthetic performance.
In a natural environment (e.g. the countryside) the life expectancy of the corrosion protection is well over 60 years, whilst in an urban environment, the protection expectancy is over 40 years (extracts from UNI EN ISO 12944).
The paint film, intended as colour and gloss, has a life expectancy of from 10 to 25 years depending on the performance level required by the customer.
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  • ISO 2081 "Electroplating of zinc coatings"
  • UNI EN ISO 12944 "Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems"
  • UNI EN 13438 "Powder coatings for galvanized steel products used for construction purposes"
  • UNI EN ISO 2409: Cross-cut test
  • UNI ISO 9227: Salt fog test
  • ISO 6270: Water condensation
  • UNI EN ISO 1514: Standard panels for testse

The SISTEMA PROMECH® must be performed at the Nord Zinc spa facilities. It can not be done on-site and it is therefore necessary for the product manufacturer to deliver the parts to the facilities for processing.