SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising is a metallurgical treatment that protects against rust plus a special transparent nano-ceramic base coat. Direct derivation of SIGILLO VERDE® hot-dip galvanising, SIGILLO PLATINO allows you to apply a special finish to the zinc coating to enhance its characteristics.


More durability and easy clean
The nano-ceramic transparent film makes the element more pleasant to the touch and improves its aesthetic appearance without forgetting a substantial increase in life expectancy in terms of corrosion protection (from 20% to 300%)

High resistance
SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising is an actual alloy between steel and zinc. This results in a very tough surface that is difficult to scratch. It is highly resistant to scrapes and abrasions. It can be handled without special care and precautions.

Active protection
Where it is scratched, and the steel has been revealed, the cathode effect is activated which limits the formation of rust in the scratched area alone.

Internal and external protection
The process creates a steel-zinc alloy layer on both the outer surfaces and inner surfaces (example: a tube).

None structural alteration
The class 1 zinc coating, according to EU regulation EN 24286, and where allowed, makes it possible to avoid the radiographic testing of welding seams and product components as provided by EN 1090


SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising allows you to:
  • Preserve the shine and smart look of freshly performed hot-dip galvanising
  • Make the surface smooth and easier to clean
  • Make the surface more pleasant to the touch
  • Increase the life expectancy of the efficacy of the corrosion protection
  • ..... in addition to the typical advantages provided by SIGILLO VERDE®

SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising can be performed on all manufactured products made of carbon steel, commonly called "iron" with maximum dimensions of 13,000x2,800x900mm, or 13,000x2,500x1,600mm and a maximum weight of 2,000 kg/piece.
SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising is an anticorrosive system that is ideal for use in all environments: natural, urban, industrial areas and even in aggressive environments such as wetlands, marine and heavy industry zones. It can also be used to protect metal elements that are installed immersed in the sea, lagoons or rivers.
SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising is used in the protection of handrails, railings, stairs, street furniture, loft structures, industrial plants and finished products. View some application examples in the Projects section.


SIGILLO PLATINO® hot-dip galvanising is performed according to European UNI EN ISO 1461 standard or, on request, according to other international standards such as the American ASTM.
After a series of immersions in the preparation baths, the metal parts are submerged in a tank containing molten zinc at 450°C.
The zinc combines with the carbon present on the surface of the article forming a surface alloy with a thickness which can vary from 50 to 150 microns.
Subsequently, after eliminating the most obvious drops and accumulations, it is sprayed with a transparent nano-ceramic solution which is fixed during a firing phase at 180°C.


SIGILLO PLATINO® hot-dip galvanising is delivered with a user and maintenance manual, an interesting guide on how to enjoy and prolong the anti-corrosive performance of the treatment to the utmost. You can download the manual and other technical documentation in the download section. download.
Dichiarazioni di Conformità secondo la norma UNI EN 10204 ad ogni lotto.


SIGILLO PLATINO® hot-dip galvanising is performed in a Class 1 zinc bath according to EU standard EN 24286, the only one that allows us to preserve all the mechanical characteristics of steel and weld seams otherwise to be verified, as required, according to EU Standard EN 1090.
The SIGILLO PLATINO® hot-dip galvanising is performed using EMAS approved systems, the European environmental management regulation, and has anEnvironmental Product Declaration EPD.


Hot-dip galvanising is a surface treatment applied to steel elements that require effective corrosion protection.
Unlike traditional corrosion protection coatings that passively coat the metal, using hot-dip galvanising it is possible to obtain a chemical-metallurgical interpenetration between steel and zinc, capable of providing prolonged protection against corrosion and mechanical stress.

The paragraphs below provide a short description of the main treatment phases:
  • The hot-dip galvanising follows the SIGILLO VERDE® protocol
  • The elements then move to the next phase with the application of transparent nano-ceramic film which is fixed by firing at 180°C.
  • REMOVAL AND CONTROL: removal of the material from the frames, quality control and finally packaging and finishing..
  • UNI EN ISO 1461 “Hot-dip galvanising”
  • UNI EN ISO 14713 “Hot-dip galvanising”

The SIGILLO PLATINO hot-dip galvanising must be carried out at the Nord Zinc spa facilities. It can not be done on-site and it is therefore necessary for the product manufacturer to deliver the parts to the facilities for processing.